The government of Uzbekistan recognized that the incidence of COVID-19 than the official figures

the Number of cases of coronavirus in Uzbekistan more than officially registered. It was declared “to the”, chief infectionist of the Ministry of health of the Republic Erkin Musabaev.

According to him, specifically to understate the number of infected people no one needs, but the data differ, including due to the asymptomatic patients are “treated” at home. Another reason for the underreporting of statistics may be negligence or mistakes made during testing, said Musabayev.

the Expert also criticized the re-profiling of hospitals, in order to provide a “universal” hospitalization of the infected. “If we continue to accept all patients with the coronavirus, the next stage will have to close the Center of cardiology, there will generally be horrified. How many patients will die from a heart attack, not from COVID-19. On closing another clinic, hospital close, the conditions will worsen, will die just at birth,” warned the doctor.

Uzbekistan is quite successfully overcame the invasion of coronavirus. With the start of the pandemic have been infected approximately 9200 employees, two thirds of whom have recovered, died — 27. However, since the beginning of July in some regions of the country quarantine measures again wastaken.

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