The Governor of St. Petersburg told us how to defeat poverty

Representatives of the St. Petersburg branch of party “Fair Russia” has directed to the Governor Alexander Beglov a letter with proposals on how to fight poverty in the city. The document worked as economists, lawyers, and experts in the field of social policy.

the Authors highlighted some points which could be implemented at the regional level.

In particular, they propose to change the approach to the composition of the consumer basket. Compulsory annual index regional surcharges to pensions for the workers and for pensioners. Freeze three-year tariffs of natural monopolies, housing and communal services, urban transport. Also one of the points is the creation in St. Petersburg of coupons for food and goods for the poor. For families with children it is proposed to introduce additional measures to support, for example, the abolition of the vehicle tax, the increase in monthly payments.

in addition, experts believe that it is necessary to introduce state regulation of prices for textbooks and school uniforms, and students up to 16 years to allow free travel on all public transport.

At the same time, experts believe that should prohibit organizations that have resorted to grey salary schemes and to participate in public procurement.

Also included in the list of measures to support pensioners, the disabled and the unemployed, teachers and physicians.

“According to expert estimates, the UN, COVID-19 195 will destroy millions of jobs worldwide and will dramatically decrease the revenues of 1.25 billion people. Most of them had previously been poor. And half a billion people may be in poverty — said in a petition to the Governor. — The first week of isolation in Russia has exposed the main problem of Russian society — the poverty of a considerable part of citizens and the inability of the state to take such measures of social support that would allow them to go on toorantin. People who do not have steady income, can not hold out longer than 2-3 months. Evaluation of the impact of the pandemic and its consequences is yet to come. But it may happen that it will nullify everything that has been done to eliminate poverty so far, and the middle class will fall under the wage cuts and close to the poverty threshold”.

Earlier, experts have found that because of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, 8% of people spent all their savings.

in the government of the Russian Federation believe that the poverty in Russia really to reduce by half by 2030.