The Governor of the Moscow region: TTS and summer veranda can resume work before the weekend

In the suburbs before the weekend is planned the opening of shopping malls and patios. This was stated in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” the Governor of the region Andrei Vorobyov.

“We, in fact, left to open the shopping centers and summer veranda, we are preparing for it. I want to do it before the weekend, conduct a consultation with a medical doctor look at the index of the reproduction of the virus, in order for these restrictions to be removed,” he said.

in Total, the Moscow region registered 46 thousand 457 cases of coronavirus, died in 622, recovered 13 thousand 419.

the Mode of increased readiness in connection with the spread of the coronavirus entered in Moscow since March 13. Since March 29, in the region there is a regime of universal isolation. Then left to work shops with essential goods, for transport introduced a permit. On may 23, they were canceled. May 25 mnogofunkcionalniy centers have begun to adopt legal entities, may 29 — individuals, opened parks. In addition, the stores open area of 400 sq m with independent entrance, building stores and hypermarkets.

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