It is the second guest of the new cultural programme of the Figaro great scene, presented by François Aubel. At just 36 years old, all smiles at the prodigy boards in france. The four pieces that Alexis Michalik has created are still played, turn in a province or abroad, or are in the process, as Circle of magic , come back on stage. Crowned by five Molière, including one for best living author, his biggest hit Edmond , which recounts the creation tormented of Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, has been performing for two years without interruption the theatre of the Palais-Royal, became a movie. In room 9 next January, his first feature film captured all the prizes at the last festival du film de Sarlat on November 17.

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This wide recognition fills Alexis Michalik. “With Edmond , I wanted to make a film popular and I hope to touch the audience, those in the room. And those who never go to the theatre hoping to be able to make them change their opinion”,-he hoped over this interview. The passage Edmond of the boards on the big screen is a just return of things. “ I the project for fifteen years “, is reminiscent of Alexis Michalik. It was originally designed Edmond for the film before having to turn it into coin. It had not been in effect for the fund.

Of the piece, the film has retained all the vivacity. Out of the question for him to fall into the trap of filmed theatre. It also explains the need for a change in distribution in going to the cinema. Alexis Michalik has wanted to be able to bring a “fresh perspective” on his work.

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Why is it passionate for life of Edmond Rostand? “I like his youth. At 29 years, he accumulated failures on its tragedy with Sarah Bernhardt. It is difficult to wear dreams of grandeur”, points out Alexis Michalik said when even “less anxious” than his idol. “The success relaxes me,” says he. In the beginning, short after. Sometimes it never comes. But when it happens, there are two schools, we want more, either, and this is my case, you say it is fact and one is a little more serene on the next creation. It says I have the right to miss it…”

Alexis Michalik is not yet clear what will be his next challenge after Edmond . However, the playwright who grew up without television, but in front of the classics of the british cinema and american, would like to one day soon try his hand at musical comedy. One of his many secrets to find in this issue.

Edmond [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live


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