The guide called the difference between Russian and Argentine quarantine

Russia and Argentina have different attitudes to the restrictions against a new type of coronavirus, said the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” guide to Buenos Aires, Maxim Lemos.

According to him, the difference in mentality is huge.

“the Argentines, surprisingly, the people obedient. The fact that the government said they do. The Russians… There are different opinions. Someone says, Yes, the quarantine, you have to sit at home. There are those who say that it is all nonsense and common respiratory disease,” said Lemos.

he also Talked about the places to visit in Argentina. Expert referred to the Recoleta cemetery, the Iguazu falls and the glaciers and fjords in the South.

According to the latest data, Argentina has registered more than 87 thousand cases of a new type of coronavirus. In Russia, however, as the operational headquarters, the infection is found at more than 707 thousand.

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