His name was little known, and yet, his career has been prolific. The guitarist, singer and composer from california Neal Casal has given the death Monday 26 August. “Neal was a gentle, reserved, to the generous soul and dedicated his life to the art and kindness,” one can read in a message issued on Tuesday by his relatives on his Twitter account.

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First guitarist between 2005 and 2009 from the very rock The Cardinals, the group of Ryan Adams, Neal Casal has had a rich career. Since his debut in 1995 with the album Fade Away Diamond Time , he is the author of many solo albums, the last of which, Sweeten the Distance , was released in 2011. He also collaborates in numerous musical projects, notably with the Jayhawks, or the Hard Working Americans. He appears on numerous albums by the blues band The Chris Robinson Brotherhood, of which Servants Of The Sun, released last June.

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“When I think of all the songs that we have written, the gigs we did and the laughter that we have shared, know that you are gone is almost too hard to bear, writes Chris Robinson on Twitter. I can only wish that you have found your peace by returning to the wisdom of the universe.”

In an interview given in October 2018, to Live and Listen, and transcribed by Rolling Stone , Neal Casal entrusted himself to the life he was leading: “I haven’t really led the life of a rock star. I was able to travel the world and see lots of things. But I didn’t go through the major events of the life of most people. This becomes more difficult with age. I have had a life of incredible music, for sure. I was able to make numerous records, tours, photos, write music, make new friends.”

A week before his death, he recorded an album with his group Circle Around the Sun. The group’s web site today released a large black and white photo of the artist.