The habit of sitting with crossed legs leads to terrible consequences

If a person regularly sits in the posture “foot to foot”, is suffering its appearance and overall health. This habit millions of “followers”, outlined the scale of the problem, the French expert on effective Clelia Monti.

it is considered that the consequence of the seat with crossed legs is varicose veins. But Monty says that it leads to cellulite (lipodystrophy).

“Orange peel” comes from the fact that in the limbs interferes with the circulation of blood and lymph between the cells of the adipose tissue becomes stagnant liquid. Another “possible side effect” this seat is a accumulation of toxins.

moreover, those who fear the development of cellulite, you need not only to put one leg over the other, but also to conduct an audit of your wardrobe, writes ChangeUA. Lipodystrophy provokes wearing tight jeans, quotes the portal words of the expert.

the Prevention of cellulite will be movement (at least half an hour daily walk), and also wearing loose clothing and refraining from salty foods.

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