The head of the Arkhangelsk region declared that will not abandon the idea of unification with NAO

the Acting Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Alexander Cybulski stated that he did not intend to abandon the idea of unification of the region with the Nenets Autonomous district.

according to, Cybulski said that the statement of the acting Governor of the NAO Yuri Bezdolnogo about “closure” of the issue of unification of regions is not the occasion to review these plans. “I think he has no authority to make such decisions. Because this question is closed or opened, can solve only the people of our regions. He might have the position, and I honestly have not discussed the issue with him. My position has not changed,” said Cybulski.

According to him, from Association “can be a plus” for the residents of both regions, and Cybulski oversees the development of theses that will be able to explain this to the citizens. According to the acting Governor, this question can only be solved by the direct vote of the people.

Cybulski believes that this matter required discussion: “All is ahead, we don’t rush, but I’m not going to abandon this idea.”

Recall that the residents of Naryan-Mar staged a protest against the idea of unification of the Nenets Autonomous district and Arkhangelsk region. The election of NAO was the only Russian region where it was officially recorded higher number of votes against the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

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