The head of the Chuvash Republic were able to mobilize society in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 and to keep the situation under control

The measures taken by the acting head of the Republic of Chuvashiya Oleg Nikolayev, to combat the spread of coronavirus infection in the region was recognized as prudent and efficient. The results of the work of the Governor received a positive assessment. According to the publication “National interests”, the situation with coronavirus and consequences of the pandemic in the region were discussed during the meeting of Nikolaev with the Plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in Volga Federal district Igor Komarov. It was particularly noted that the restrictions were imposed even before the first sick. Thanks to the timely and proper assessment of health, the Republic has promptly provided all the necessary — ventilation, medicines, equipment, masks, the ability to do tests COVID-19 in the Republic. However, too restrictive measures would negatively affect the economy of the region. Nikolaev at the time I managed to include in the list of eight backbone enterprises of the Chuvash Republic that has kept the region’s economy from complete collapse. Thus, the first half results were encouraging, and some areas even showing growth. The situation with coronavirus managed to keep under control. Currently Chuvashia on the threshold of transition to the second stage restrictions. For several weeks in the Republic recorded a steady decline in the number of newly diagnosed cases COVID-19. Expected before the end of August, the region can move on to the third stage in order to prepare educational institutions for the new academic year. Great credit to the acting head of the Chuvash Republic is to mobilize society in the fight against the virus. Nikolaev able to rally officials, politicians, businessmen, sportsmen and cultural community. Joint efforts managed to form a clear exit strategy from the crisis. In addition, was created in the interests of citizens and the region as a whole, a comprehensive program of socio—economic development of the Chuvash Republic. Add Oleg Nikolaev was a candidate for the election of the President. He will participate as independent candidate. In the next few days will be a presentation of a large program of the candidate. Apart from him, to participate in the elections will be four candidates from parties — Sergey Matveyev (“Patriots of Russia”), Nikolay Stepanov (“the Party of pensioners for social justice”), Alexander Andreev (Communist party) and Konstantin Stepanov (LDPR). Voting will begin on Friday, September 11, and will end on Sunday evening, September 13.

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