The head of the foreign office blamed

Russian special services were involved in a cyberattack on the development of vaccines against coronavirus, which are held in Western countries. This was stated by the British foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

the Minister reiterated the accusations of the National cybersecurity center in the UK, calling Moscow’s actions “outrageous and reprehensible”.

According to Raab, the British authorities are “very confident” that the Russian security services led subversive activities for the sake of benefiting from research activities.

the foreign Minister also promised that the Western countries will work to attract Russia to justice.

“I think this is outrageous and reprehensible that the government of Russia are involved in this activity”, — said Raab, the TV channel Sky News.

Earlier, the foreign Minister said that Russia had tried to intervene in the UK General election in 2019 by the mass distribution on the Internet illegally picked up in government documents.

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