The head of the SVR said the matter Safronova

the Detention of an adviser to the head of the Russian space Agency and a former journalist of “Kommersant” Ivan Safronov is not related to his professional activities. This was stated by the head of the foreign intelligence Service (SVR) Sergei Naryshkin, RIA “Novosti”.

Naryshkin said that it appreciated the professionalism of the employees of the Russian counterintelligence that the detention Safronova “in no case” is not related to professional activities. Thirdly, said Sergei Naryshkin, it is “do not advise anyone to put pressure on the investigation,” and the decision on guilt or innocence Safronov will take the court.

Also Naryshkin commented on the publication “Kommersant” that information on the transfer of Safronov secret information abroad, the FSB had received from the RAF. According to him, the FBI and foreign intelligence service “actively cooperate”, reports TASS.

earlier “Kommersant” reported that the SVR is secretly controlled conversation Safronov, which he led from your home computer and in the conclusion of the SVR indicate that mailed a journalist in the Czech Republic was the people, “perhaps associated with the exploration of this country.”

Safronov was arrested July 7, accused of treason and arrested. According to the FSB, he was transferred to the intelligence services of the Czech secret information. Journalist pleads not guilty.

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