The head of the Tomsk region declared

the Governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin said that mass infection of doctors coronavirus was the result of their neglect of safety regulations.

In his opinion, this could be the reason for initiation of criminal cases against doctors, who in the midst of the epidemic “went on shish kebabs” and “drank tea.”

“I got so mad at some medical institutions in Tomsk that could afford together to drink tea. The result are all together. Or jointly went to barbecues and birthday parties,” said Gwatkin.

He stressed that in some cases the need to pay compensation if ill, doctors looks absurd. In this case, we are talking only about those doctors who have not worked with coronavirus patients.

“lady doctor went to smoke and got infected with coronavirus. And then in the same suit to drink tea went. On the one hand, laid her the money because she had contracted the coronavirus. But she broke the imaginable and unimaginable rules of the doctor and had infected others. And because of such cases we are forced to close entire departments,” says the Governor, quoted by

Zhvachkin noted that all medical institutions, working directly with the coronavirus, strictly abide by safety rules, and no cases of infection of the physicians there have not been recorded.

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