The head of the Ukrainian Navy promised to return Ukrainian Navy in Sevastopol

the Ukrainian Navy will return to Sevastopol, I’m sure the commander of the Navy of the country Alexey Neiipp.

He noted that the city is “home base” naval forces of Ukraine.

“I served all my ship’s life. We’ll be back”, — quotes its words “Interfax-Ukraine”.

Neiipp added that many Ukrainian officers in Crimea have relatives and property, but he is not to budepest the “occupied” Peninsula.

Earlier Neiipp said that the ships of the Ukrainian Navy are preparing for full-scale warfare with Russia. He also called Russia “the main enemy” of Ukraine, indicating that “the threat of full-scale aggression” is saved with 2014. The Kremlin considered his words stupid and fomenting “anti-Russian hysteria”.

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