The head of the US Navy: Russia has deployed in the Mediterranean sea and threatens

because of the presence of Russian submarines in the Mediterranean sea is becoming one of the most militarized zones in the world. This was stated by commander of the naval forces (naval forces) of the USA in Europe and Africa Admiral James Foggo, says Stars and Stripes.

According to the Admiral, the Russian side has deployed in the sea of modern, quiet diesel submarines, armed with “Caliber”, which is able to go anywhere in European waters and to strike with rockets any capital of Europe or Africa.

“The Russians are deploying quiet, modern diesel submarines capable of launching cruise missiles Kalibr,” said @USNavy Adm. James Foggo, head of U. S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa.

— Stars and Stripes (@starsandstripes) June 27, 2020

Moscow plans to dominate the region if she was allowed to gain a foothold in Libya, said the Admiral. This “threat”, therefore it is necessary to maintain a naval presence in the European sea routes, said Foggo.

According to him, it is worth remembering that “Russia is doing in Crimea and Tartus Syria, and what threat may present, reinforcing the stronghold in Libya.”

Earlier it was reported that the fifth Russian ship headed to the Syrian port of Tartus, where the base logistics of the Russian Navy.

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