The head of the Uzbek Diaspora in St. Petersburg: migrant Workers brought to the boiling point

the Strike by workers at “Lakhta Center” does not refer to individual cases of dissatisfaction with working conditions in the Northern capital, said the representative of the Uzbek Diaspora, President of Saint-Petersburg the Uzbek Association “Turan” Alisher Khaidarov.

“If, as migrants, they are on strike, then brought to the boiling point. We always call and complain that not give salary, deceive, including during a pandemic”, — noted in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” source.

In his opinion, employers often did not officially make the workers either do it through firms-intermediaries. Thus, according to observation Khaydarov, enterprises employees may be missing from the medical record and other documents, so it is not only in arrears of wages.

“Ask the porter or the cleaners nearest shop at home. You will answer that directly not work that their other company was employed. And when they throw them, they go to the head shop, and he pretends he doesn’t know them. How is that possible?” — outraged Khaidarov.

According to him, to achieve justice is not always. The employer may be right from a legal point of view, because the contracts are on minimum wage, not actual, and the underpayment is not officially considered a debt, he added.

on the Morning of 17 July at “Lakhta Center” gathered the workers to strike. The construction company said that the protesters demanded payments beyond those indicated in the employment contract. Negotiations are now under way.

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