The head of the Uzbek Diaspora in St. Petersburg: Migrants want to go home, there is already nothing to eat

the Migrants want to go home from Russia and St. Petersburg in particular because working conditions on the background of the pandemic worsened. This was stated by the representative of the Uzbek Diaspora, President of Saint-Petersburg the Uzbek Association “Turan” Alisher Haydarov. It is regularly contacted by compatriots with complaints of arrears of wages, employment through front companies, with the law enforcement authorities does not help.

According to Haydarov, partly in a situation to blame the migrants themselves because they don’t know local laws and sign a “desired employer” documents with the hope of a payout, but this is not happening, the source said.

“Believe me, a train wants to come home. Whether the opportunity would have left. One Charter flight is recorded about 150 people, but take from 20 to 30, primarily the elderly and women with children. At the Consulate pandemonium” — said Haydarov correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

According to him, the protests are growing among Uzbeks, many of despair trying to cross the border illegally.

“Everyone wants to go home, not because I missed home. There is already nothing to eat, not what food to take,” — concluded the representative of the Diaspora.

we will Remind, on July 17 at “Lakhta Center” in St. Petersburg, workers went on strike. The construction company said that the protesters demanded payments in excess provisions.

On the situation of migrants in the labour market and prospects after the pandemic, read the material “Rosbalt” next week.

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