The health Ministry commented on the shortage in the country of the drug for the treatment of cancer

the Ministry of health of Russia “holds on control” the situation with availability of medicines for the treatment of cancer. By the end of this year the situation will change for the better, promised in a press-Department service.

So the Ministry of health has commented on the shortage in Russia of medicines for cancer treatment, which was previously distributed “Pharmaceutical Bulletin”. The publication reported that the Russian hospitals ends “Vincristine”, used for the treatment of cancer. So, a year is necessary in the area of 160-200 thousand packages of the drug, however, has released 36 thousand packages. According to the portal, to the end of the year patients are at risk to remain without treatment.

Vincristine produce three companies — national medical research center of Oncology (SMRC) to them. N. N. Blokhin, the Israeli Teva company and the Russian manufacturer “Veropharm”. Of the three manufacturers now operates only one branch “Neuropathy” SMRC Oncology. N. N. Blokhin, said RBC. The Ministry of health has already sent the center a letter of recommendation capacity in the manufacturing of a drug. The Agency also sent a letter to the Ministry, which was asked to take urgent measures to resume production of the drug in the previous volumes.

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