Marriage of red and blue, fire and ice, the violet is sometimes referred to as the color of the temperaments strong. Soon, it could become the exclusive color of Prince Rogers Nelson. The heirs of the executor of Purple Rain wish to associate forever the name of the singer to this hue by obtaining the rights to the color and its use in movies, shows, and any musical work.

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Prince estate, the trust manager, the empire of the singer and directed by the firm, Atom Factory, has filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the us office of patents and trademarks, in this purpose, reports ABC News.

The heirs of Prince would like in particular to secure the rights of all the shades, approaching to “Love Symbol #2”, hue created by the company Pantone Color Institute, in tribute to the singer who died in April 2016. “The color purple is symbolic of the identity of the Prince,” said Troy Carter, P. D.-G. of Atom Factory and adviser to the Prince estate.

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Is it possible to retrieve the rights to a color? Partly, explains , asks ABC News. Christian Louboutin had filed a lawsuit against Yves Saint Laurent for copying of its shoes soles painted red. The Court of justice of the european Union had given him reason, deeming that the color red placed on the outsole of a shoe is a “position mark”.