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The great mass of heritage

Usually reserved for performances, the sumptuous hall of the royal Opera of the Château de Versailles and its decoration in trompe-l’oeil is open to the public for the last time at Heritage Days. © EPV / T. Garnier

Traumatised by the fire of the Notre Dame, lovers of beautiful stones intend to not let it disassemble and celebrate the 36th edition of the european Heritage Days. Bookings for the palace of the Élysée, which are obligatory this year for security reasons, have been exhausted in a few hours. Regardless of the closure of some sites in paris before the threats that pose the yellow Vests Saturday, art lovers and history have much to be satisfied with the 24,000 planned events in France and overseas, and their share of new products. The sumptuous royal Opera of Versailles, soon to be reserved for …

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