Here almost thirty years, Neneh Cherry has imposed its style in the sphere of broad-music-inspired american black. From the beginning, hip-hop has revealed a musician of subtle, and a author involved, in a universe where testosterone is often regarded as creativity.

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His path has passed through various stages. Slamming the door of the school at 14 years old, from New York and Don Cherry, his father, a trumpet player, renowned, close to Ornette Coleman, she has participated in the post-punk london and then worked with various artists of The The to Gorillaz. She has also built her career more personal, in large part, with his sidekick and husband, Cameron McVey. Coming from a family of musicians, she is surrounded by the pleasure of his ambitions of some of the great electro or trip-hop: the producer of her last album, is none other than the renowned Four Tet.

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With time, and only five albums under his name, his style became more sepia-toned, almost monochrome, closer to the ambience of the scene Bristol group Massive Attack, with whom she has worked since 1991. Neneh Cherry weaves and links in the period, getting little air time. 3D, the formation of Bristol, has even co-produced one of the songs of his latest disc, the mesmerizing Kong , to the style of trip-hop very marked, and which evokes the plight of refugees.

Artist’s dream to better humanity, it releases today his anger on subtle melodies, which gives all the more force.

54-year-old Neneh Cherry has the decency not to play the young, first. But she always looks on the world with the same acuity. Artist dream to better humanity, it releases today his anger on subtle melodies, which gives all the more force. “Better to die for a noble cause than to live and die a slave” murmurs she. Words borrowed from The Last Poets who needed to be updated, according to it, when others were screaming their hatred.

The speech of Neneh Cherry, the music more peaceful, seemed to impose silence as an escape. The fineness of the sounds, more jazz, and the elegance of jingles add to the aesthetics of his answers. On stage, she reproduces this need for healing, playing on the clarity, a harpist, often to his sides, and his musicians concentrated on their machine and their instruments. She resumes her old tubes, it assumes without kinking, have fun with the public, because the music should remain a party.

Make it any easier when the world is sinking in the complexity and contradictions, this is the message voluntary, but without excess, of this mother of three children who is reluctant to intellectualize, to take too much recoil. It requires emotion, and that voice is always also particular, humour and a gentle convincing, better ideas, new feelings.

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