The historian-americanist on the demolition of monuments: the US is trying to rethink the history of the country

In the United States continue to demolish monuments to former presidents, so the American nation is rethinking its history. Such opinion in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the historian-americanist, program Director of affiliate development centers EUSP Ivan kurilla.

He mentioned that in new York city dismantled a bronze sculpture depicting Theodore Roosevelt on horseback, who escorted Hiking Indian and African. According to experts, the decision of the leadership of the natural history Museum of dismantling adopted in line with current US policy.

“it Was a requirement a few days ago to dismantle the statue of Lincoln, because next to him, kneeling black slave. Here, Roosevelt is depicted in a position of authority, and his companions in the position of a subordinate and debased,” — said kurilla.

however, he doubts that the Museum says goodbye to the monument because of the claim to the biography of the former President.

“the Identity of any policy raises questions. You can always find some statements and biographies. We know, for example, that Jefferson was a slave owner. Also remember that periodically, but not the main thing”, — said kurilla.

According to him, citizens of the United States trying to reinvent the country’s history as a history of exclusively white male politicians.

“This is an attempt to present themselves as a nation more diverse. Related vandalism on the part of citizens and official decision on the dismantling of monuments”, — shared his opinion of the historian.

kurilla refrained from assessments, will this practice continue in the future, is it possible to rollback, because to judge while early.

a Monument to Theodore Roosevelt at the Museum of natural history was created in 1940. The decision to dismantle was approved by the mayor of new York bill de Blasio. Supported the initiative and the descendants of the American worker. In turn, the current President, Donald trump has described as absurd the idea of the demolition of the sculpture.

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