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The historian explained why SK digs up old graves in Stalingrad

The historian explained why SK digs up old graves in Stalingrad

Russia’s Investigative Committee announced that on the territory of the Volgograd region will open the mass graves of civilians of Stalingrad, which was executed by the Nazis during the great Patriotic war. Candidate of historical Sciences and chief curator of the Museum-reserve “Old Sarepta” in Volgograd, Vladimir Shevchenko has explained why it is planning to do.

“war crimes have no Statute of limitations, and one of the basic principles of justice is the inevitable retribution for crime. Consequently, the names of the criminals who committed atrocities during the great Patriotic war must be installed. Of course, it is highly unlikely that someone of Nazi war criminals will be brought to criminal liability real, they simply no longer alive. But it is no longer about retribution, but about restoration of historical justice,” the historian said the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, adding that a similar practice of prosecution of Nazi war criminals present in other countries.

“Now active attempts are being made to discredit the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal that it is necessary to articulate legal positions, which will allow us to talk about the crime of fascism and the inadmissibility of the revision of decisions made in Nuremberg,” said Shevchenko.

He explained that the opening of mass graves will make the study more objective, although the process will be extremely time-consuming and complex.

“In principle, the recovery experience of the character of the people by the bone remains in our country is rich enough. Exhumation, as such, is regulated by the code of criminal procedure and is not time-bound,” added the historian.

Recall that the RF IC opened a criminal case on charges of genocide for the mass killings of civilians during the great Patriotic war on the territory of the Stalingrad region, USSR. The investigators plan to reveal saharoneniya, to identify victims, causes of death and to hold portrait expertise to recreate the in vivo appearance of the victims.

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