The historian found in the article, Putin about the Second world war a non-existent quote from Hitler

Historian and researcher of the archives Igor Petrov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin in the article about the Second world war brought a non-existent quote by Adolf Hitler, reports “Rain”. In the article, specifically says: “Hitler stated bluntly: “Our policy in relation to the peoples inhabiting the broad expanse of Russia, should be to encourage any form of discord and division””. At the same time, pays attention to the channel, the source of this quote in the article is not specified. Petrov says that this quote is “hundreds of sources” since the Soviet times. So, in one of them he found a link to the book the employee of the legal service of Hitler, Henry Picker “table talk Hitler” in 1951, but these words didn’t appear. Historian cited closely the content of the quote, which in the Russian translation of the book is: “And therefore, ruling over conquered us in the Eastern lands of the Reich Nations, should be guided by one primary principle, namely: to provide open space for those who wish to enjoy individual freedoms to avoid all forms of state control and thereby ensure that these peoples were at a low level of cultural development”. According to Petrova, last year the historian Mikael Nilsson has published an article on the book Picker. In it, he argues that the picker passed not authentic words of Hitler, “edited in hindsight the memories of them, which is not always possible to rely”, and therefore this source should be treated with great caution. As noted by Petrov, the Russian President “uncritically used incorrectly translated in Soviet times, a quote based on questionable source”. He also added that “table talk Hitler” included in the list of extremist materials of the Ministry of justice. We will remind, on the eve of the American journal of The National Interest published an article by Vladimir Putin about the Second world war. Russian translation of the article published by “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

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