The HRC asked the moj to clarify the legal status of

The Council on human rights under the President urged the justice Department to clarify the legal status of “mass pickets” people detained by the police, citing the decrees related to the pandemic. This is stated in the report on the “Lessons of the epidemic” from the point of view of rights and freedoms. The document indicated that the “broad interpretation” by the authorities and the Metropolitan police of the provisions of the law on mass events. So, marks “Interfax”, the human rights defenders mentioned Ilya Azar. Journalist, recall, was released on 26 may with pickets at Petrovka to the building of GU MVD of Moscow in support of the arrested “police Ombudsman” Vladimir Vorontsov and got 15 days of arrest. Later, 28-31 may, Petrovka, 38 was picketed by activists and journalists, and they were also detained. The report States that the police, treating these pickets as mass gatherings, detained individuals, and gave them to police departments. This finding citizens filled the van within a few hours created higher risks of infection COVID-19 than their standing in solitary pickets in the open air, indicated in the report. The HRC urged the justice Department and the courts to clarify the legal status of “mass pickets”, as well as the status of citizens who are in the “queue to picket”.

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