The HRC proposed to abolish all penalties for violation of isolation

the Presidential Council on human rights (HRC) has proposed an Amnesty for all administrative penalties for violation of self-isolation during a pandemic coronavirus. The report, signed by the head of the HRC Valery Fadeyev posted on the website of the Board.

the report States that in the current economic conditions, the payment is quite high penalties for violation of self-isolation has a significant impact on the welfare of the people.

HRC offers to cancel out of court fines accrued due to failures in the application of “Social monitoring”, but all other, if the violation did not result in negative consequences. Human rights activists say that if the purpose of penalties was to reduce the cases of violation of isolation, that their abolition has no way to achieve this goal will not be affected.

to legalize the abolition of fines can be an act of the state Duma about administrative Amnesty, explained in the HRC. Although this Amnesty has no precedent in Russian history, they are fully consistent with the Constitution and is not contrary to administrative law, stressed in the HRC.

Fadeyev noted that “Social monitoring” to track offenders isolation, was not technically ready for implementation, there were a lot of failures, although these systems needs to work perfectly. At the end of may, representatives of the Moscow authorities said that Amnesty for such penalties will not be because had identified “persistent offenders”.

the HRC Also plans to seek Ministry of health statistics, how many people have been affected by the restrictive measures and failure to provide medical care.

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