The hunter told what to do to those who are lost in the woods

Citizens are increasingly traveling to the forest for mushrooms, berries or just for a walk, but the risk to get lost, no one is immune. Effective tips with the readers of “Rosbalt” said the Deputy Chairman of the Leningrad society of hunters and fishermen Sergey Zaykov.

According to him, the need to inform acquaintances, friends, relatives about the plans to visit the forest.

“this is Especially important for elderly people who are often lost. They should definitely take drugs,” said hunter.

he Called and others not to forget the necessary equipment: a charged smartphone with an installed map, portable battery, food, water, knife, matches, and preferably a compass.

“If I had realized that I was lost, don’t panic. Stop try to get back on the same route, if the connection is suddenly no signal. If you do not get, or not charged, it does not know how to navigate by the moss on the trees, the sun and so on, can’t hear road noise, try to find a stream. We in the woods a lot of them. Come along, it will lead you to the river and there you will surely find the towns, meet the people,” said baby.

Recall that in late June in the woods of the Leningrad region found a dead woman. She told the friend that he was lost, but the connection was broken. A week later the girl was found dead.

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