It would have to be able to take Leo to clean up his domain. But the hitman played by Jean Reno in the film made in 1994 by Luc Besson does not target humans. And above all, the filmmaker has no desire to give in to the requests of the hunters, who accuse him of letting it proliferate the deer on his property. He reacted strongly Sunday, September 15, determined to show what wood it heats up.

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“In the midst of a debate on the tragedy of ecology and biodiversity, which affects the entire planet, the hunters of the Orne ask me to kill the deer that pass in front of me! Do I have to put my children in the balcony for the occasion? These people here are in the opposite direction of history,” said the Paris the filmmaker.

122.198 euros claimed

on Monday morning, the Fédération départementale des chasseurs de l’orne (FDCO) has asked the court of Argentan (Orne) to declare Luc Besson liable for damages caused by deer present on their land. She claims 122.198 euros to cover the indemnities paid to half-a-dozen farmers, as well as the costs incurred for the procedure, according to information reported by The Paris .

made up of 84 hectares of forest, its domain of 160 hectares of The Trinity-of the-Dairy, bordering the national forest of Saint-Evroult, is home to many animals that live peacefully together. According to his lawyer, Me Jean-Marc Descoubes, Luc Besson is attached to the sacredness of the wild life”.

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For its part, the FDCO tip the devastation caused by the 50 to 100 deer present, according to them, in the property of Luc Besson on the plots of maize and wheat around, hunters have been required to reimburse in accordance with the code of the Environment. According to the lawyer of the Federation, Mr. Charles Lagier, the amount to be refunded amounted to 117.451 euros since the 2012-2013 season.

“The refusal to kill an animal cannot be considered a fault”

The director has been refused any amicable settlement proposed by the FDCO, who has made eleven findings of a bailiff under an unusual concentration of large animals on the property. To counsel for the hunters, “the inertia and the absences are culpable” of Luc Besson have led to the multiplication of the damage.

“it is The refusal to kill an animal cannot be regarded as a fault,” slice Me Descoubes according to the Paris , recalling that animals are sentient beings, since the act of 2015. For the lawyer, not only those deer are not the “property” of Luc Besson, but the wood represents only 1.4% of the massif of Saint-Evroult. Far too little, according to him, to have a significant impact on the balance of this forest.