it All begins in the lobby of the Scala. A class of school is dragging. It is hot. A few drops of sweat appear on the foreheads of spectators, eager to get back into the air conditioned room. Suddenly, Achilles and Agamemnon landed. Cockfight and exchange of names of birds: who is the real head of the Greek armies? It’s like on the beaches of windy Troy. Everyone needs to scream to make themselves heard in the midst of the soldiers.

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“the industrious” Ulysses, a little smarter than the others. It has mobilised forces. A kid happy to see you call “Ajax the Great”. He was thanked for reaching out to the “forty ships”. Finally, everyone returns, ready to fight. It becomes more static. As in Homer, there is a surfeit of proper names. Each man killed in battle is cited, which makes a lot of dead and a lot of names. Soufian Khalil pulls his sword out of the game. It portrays a perfect Ulysses. It was envisioned less as Andromache tearfully. With Pauline Bayle, who takes over the Iliad and the Odyssey , the sexes are mixed. Without a doubt, a willingness to “break” the identity very binary narrative of Homer.

– blood, tears, waves,

Hector, also of femininity, as a figure aristocrat and romantic. Just the opposite of Achilles (vibrant Mathilde Méry), furious, and down the front, who has the right to beautiful scenes of “fury” murderer. The Iliad is his story, a story of impulse, from anger to forgiveness. The pranks trivial of the Olympian gods in contrast with the seriousness of men. It is completely detach from the original poem when it comes to Olympus. Zeus and Era forniquent behind the scenes. The thunder of the first to be translated into a rap of hell.

other effects are a bit fancy but the show still panting. Pauline Bayle nourishes the epic to low cost (water, glitter, and a bra) and with a lot of heart. There was blood, tears and the crashing of waves. What return ship to the Odyssey , which is also the theme of the next Festival of Avignon. Homer has decidedly in the ascendancy.

Iliad and Odyssey at la Scala, 13, Boulevard de Strasbourg (Xe).
Until 2 June. Duration: 1h25 1h45. Tel.: 01 40 03 44 30