June 12, 2018, Sandra Sanchez and her little girl of two years old Yanela Sanchez are arrested in McAllen, Texas. The two have sailed on the Rio Grande from Mexico after having traveled for a month through central America from Honduras to apply for asylum in the United States. When John Moore’s photograph, they have been arrested and are being held by american Patrols on the borders. They will then be sent to a treatment centre. The following week, the administration Trump gives up under the pressure of both the public and legislators of the controversial project of separation of children from their parents at the mexican border with the United States. As a result of their history does not stop there. Although the mother and the child are not separated, they are sent to different detention centres before being released weeks later in anticipation of a request for asylum.

The photographer has traveled to 65 countries and five continents for 17 years before taking an interest since 2008 to migratory movements, in particular the u.s.-mexican border where many migrants attempt to enter the United States. Thanks to an approach that he wants the most sympathetic and human of the situation in contrast with the statistical treatment that is often used to talk about the situation, he won the award photo of the year among the 78.801 photos submitted by 4738 photographers.

A picture of le Figaro Magazine rewarded “Akashinga – The Brave”, Brent Stirton, South Africa, . Brent Stirton

She is called Petronella Chigumbura. In 30 years, this Zimbabwe is a member of the unit of rangers Akashinga which means “the Courageous”, founded by the IAPF (International Anti-Poaching Foundation) and Damien Mander to protect a nature reserve in Zimbabwe. Photograph by south african photojournalist Brent Stirton in the context of a story co-produced by The Figaro Magazine and the National Geographic she won the first prize in the category “Environment”.

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“The disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi”, Chris McGrath, Australia, . Chris McGrath

An unidentified man tries to remember the press while investigators saudis arrive to the consulate of saudi Arabia in Istanbul for the international debate on the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi. The journalist of saudi arabia had gone missing on October 2. After weeks of rumors and false information, Riyadh announced that he had been killed accidentally during an altercation while the Turkish authorities and the CIA believed he had been murdered by the information saudis. Chris McGrath was awarded first prize in the category “General News” with this photo.

Akashinga : Damien Mander presents this unit of rangers all-women – Look on Figaro Live