The immunologist has called the conditions under which it is possible to avoid infection with coronavirus

the Doctor told me about different options, how to avoid infection COVID-19.

According to immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov, there are people with low or no risk of Contracting coronavirus. Specialist in an interview with “KP” said that it has in mind the people with strong innate immunity.

In such a situation, when meeting with COVID-19 “immunity works at the level of the upper respiratory tract and does not allow infection to penetrate further into the body.”

another category of people with a low risk of infection are those who have had seasonal coronaviruses in their body has antibodies or immune T-cell memory.

in addition, as noted first places were took in people with strong immunity and lack of tendency to thrombosis, the disease can occur unnoticed. “Someone may not even notice, not to pay attention. For example, coughed up a couple of days,” — said immunologist.

According on 12 July, in Russia revealed 727 thousand 162 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions. For the entire period recorded 11 335 thousand deaths.

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