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we would Love to upset us at this point, once again, about the video Ref, because also in this round there was ample reason. “I don’t understand it and have honestly not in the mood to talk about that shit”, echauffierte, for example, Hanover’s Manager Horst Heldt over a penalty decision against his 96. The Video should not Impartial to interfere, if there are blatant mistakes, or else. What is it about some of the DFB referee Guild visible.

Bundesliga game 100 Hertha Ultras attack police in the BVB stadium with rods

But we leave the. Really unbelievable what organized the Berlin anarchists at the stadium of the BVB. In the Hertha-Hannover and in the catacombs of the Arena, the interest in the fight scenes played out. “In the protection of an approved choreography, Berlin, punish perpetrators and set fire to a massive pyrotechnics masked”, – stated in a police report. But there was more. As the officials wanted to make sure a Flag to prevent further Pyro-stakes, it was only anarchists attacked the police with kicks, fist blows, and broken flagpoles. The police responded with pepper spray and batons. But that’s not enough: In the mid-term, the anarchists moved under the bleachers and blasted two large toilet facilities completely. The destroyed ceramic sanitary ware and ripped out the toilet doors were used as weapons to attack again, police officers. The balance sheet: 45 injured, some had to be taken to the hospital. Ten innocent visitors had to leave due to respiratory complaints, due to the pyrotechnics treat. It is a criminal breach of the peace were made, and resistance against police officers, assaults on police officers, and violations of the explosives act. Some of the perpetrators took shelter in the Hertha-Hannover. But they are recorded on Videos. The police are investigating.

The football needs of the anarchists, of course, only as a stage to miss. Hertha BSC condemned the violence in all Form; the incidents, however, as the entire League largely powerless. The line-up of police and forces of law and Order is already solid. “Fanhilfe Dortmund” and “Fanhilfe Hertha BSC” in a joint statement, the police operation as disproportionate, condemn, and believe that through the pepper spray the police more people were hurt than ever by pyrotechnics in the BVB stadium, will calm the issue.


destruction of Berlin anarchists in the Dortmund stadium: Two plumbing systems were completely dismantled, the ceramic used to police attack.

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What can you say? Hardly the League makes short appearances, that they could be for Bayern to challenge, play again all for the Munich. Gladbach two weeks ago, still celebrated Bayern Besieger, was, as usual, all of the points in the Breisgau, the BVB was of Herthas Salomon Kalou at the last Minute, and two points in claws and Werder Bremen went down with all flags flying – and Later, Müller and co. are back in range. The next round of the “German Classico rises”, and it speaks well to ensure that it will be a game on eye-level with a challenge, how you love Bayern. Assuming that the Two go to the next round in step forward, could overtake Bayern with a victory for the rival and re-rank in the usual order. But who knows, maybe it comes in this season but time is different.

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We don’t know what’s going on these days in Markus Weinzierl. Two games, the Coach of the VfB Stuttgart has now, twice, his team was beaten 4:0. The VfB in Hoffenheim corners had four hits within a quarter of an hour once, it was crazy and under the Aegis of the former defender. Scoffers blasphemed: HSV Weinzierl would be out again. So fast it’s not in the case of the Swabians. But after an unsuccessful Engagement at FC Schalke 04, the 44-Year-old more in the wrong movie feel. Two years ago, that he has left the FC Augsburg. The Bavarian Swabia, he led in the European Cup, has been selected in the 2013/2014 season, the best coach in front of the Top Coaches, Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp. After that, he was one of the highest traded exercise the head of the League. Whether Weinzierl get there again? A lot of

This goal is not talking at the Moment for that, you should (once again)

It fits in a certain way, to not has this overshadowed round, that the most beautiful goal, unfortunately, will be counted. To the best of Lucien-Favre-style, and in the highest pace of the BVB Stars combined through the ranks of the Herthaner. In the end, the icing on the cake by Jadon Sancho, the brought down the Ball with the hoe in the Berlin goal. A shame that Marko Reus at the last Pass probably a half-step Offside.

the goal of The day was shot, therefore, Lucas Höler. The game of the SC Freiburg against Gladbach was already decided – it’s the last seconds of injury time ran down -and it was also not that great of a combination to be admired, but is likely to have a look the hit to the 3:1 yet its place in the Season. Gladbach goalkeeper Yann Sommer wanted to put one last Time his striker in action, but his long strike was only enough to the center circle. There Höler caught the Ball and moved the same determination. About 45 meters (!) the ball flew flat into the summer-abandoned goal. Freiburg’s coach Streich was so perplexed that he understood, and with a slight delay, hailed it first, the Freiburg win.

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Mainz has just hit 1:1, and Manuel Neuer is the permanent goals against, like, so sorry.

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So a clean sheet Manuel can make New really mad. According to the 1:1 for Mainz, the goalkeeper went just so right out of the skin. You really have to be a lip-reader, to on video images to track, what is the Keeper roared into the penalty area, while he slammed with the full force of the Ball on the ground. “What the…, man!” New defensive colleague Joshua Kimmich (li., below), and Niklas Süle were right to feel only indirectly addressed. So upset you can’t see the New really all-day.

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