“If one throws a stone into a calm water, a circle is formed, and then a second, a third, and so on, according to the force with which the stone has been launched. The tub concentric resulting suggest the enrichment of my collection”, wrote Emil Bührle, one of the great industrialists and collectors of the Twentieth century, arms dealer and owner of the paintings seen in his lifetime (1890-1956) as the only man able to compete with the major foundations in the United States.

Van Gogh returns to the figure of the Sower during the summer of 1888. From this scene of peasant life, the painter manages to give the table a biblical sense. Collection of Emil Bührle, Zurich © SIK-ISEA, Zurich, J.-P. Kuhn

Born in Germany, naturalized in Switzerland in 1937, Emil Bührle was the head of a huge industrial complex in zurich, Oerlikon, which produced machine tools, aircraft, weapons, textiles, plastics, and which dominated all his power the european industry. About the collection, apart from a few forays in the Twentieth century with three Matisse, two Soutine, Picasso and Modigliani, she was before everything turned to the impressionists, which was then a singularity because if Monet …

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