The inhabitant of Khakassia has climbed into someone's house and raped the sleeping girl, and then her mother

In Khakassia 26-year-old local resident had committed several crimes and waiting for court decisions. As reported by investigative authorities of SK of Russia in the region, the man was planning to steal something from the neighbors, but climbing into someone’s house, raped the girl and her mother.

According to the investigation, the offender was vacationing with friends in one of the villages of the Ust-Abakan district. Being in the alcohol condition, the night he decided to commit theft of another’s property. Walking down the street, the man entered the unlocked home and raped a sleeping seven year old girl, and then ran toward the noise, a 31 year old mother of the child. He also beat the woman.

during the investigation, the attacker fully admitted his guilt. He was remanded in custody. Criminal case is directed to court.

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