The inhabitant of Novokuznetsk went on picket with the requirement to close coal storage

The inhabitant of Novokuznetsk came out with pickets to the streets against the coal warehouse, holding a poster: “All the coal depots out of the city” — civilev C. E. Where? Where? Where?”. As reports the edition “Your town”, the woman said that now in Novokuznetsk difficult situation with environment is getting worse. “Windows can not open, coal dust constantly settles on the glass,” complained citizen. She reminded that earlier the Governor of Kuzbas Sergey Tsivilev stated that all coal mines will be transferred for city boundaries, however, one of the coal depots, OOO “KMK-Energo” is located on the street Rudakova, 40A, in the Central district of Novokuznetsk city. Meanwhile, says the Agency, after 65-year-old woman came to the rally, almost immediately there were militiamen. The woman was detained. As the publication said the activist Denis Shchedrin, the pensioner is charged with the administrative offense related to a violation of the rules of high alert. To date, the pensioner is already released. On it made the Protocol on an administrative offense for “failure to comply with rules of conduct in the conduct of high alert”.

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