The inhabitants of the

In St. Petersburg resumed work in the cafes and restaurants — they are allowed on the street, on open porches and terraces. Tables should stand five feet apart, and the staff should be wearing masks and gloves.

On Rubinshteyna street, where a variety of food service establishments, again became crowded and noisy. Residents complain that bars all night alcohol takeaway and café, shouting under the Windows of apartments and defecate in doorways.

“the Evening begins… Now people sit right under the Windows, in the “organized space” in front of the school. And next (probably booked out) — people are having dinner, sitting in the trunks of their luxury cars right on the roadway in front of peshehodku” — write in social networks people.

They note that many people come to the street Rubinstein, on a picnic “to buy something to eat and hang out in the truck.”

“I don’t understand why you can’t eat near his home here. Why should this go in the town?” — ask the townspeople.

Earlier, the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky asked the Governor to deal with the situation on the street Rubinstein. The MP said that he received complaints from residents whose lives were “like hell” because of the numerous bars and restaurants.

we will Remind, on the eve of the St. Petersburg residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the tables that appeared on the embankment of Griboyedov canal. The townspeople did not like that the sidewalks have no space left for pedestrians.

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