The installer of plastic Windows, brutally murdered an elderly client in the Udmurt Republic

In Izhevsk 27-year-old man accused in the brutal murder of a pensioner.

According to the UK Russia, Izhevsk worked in the company for servicing of plastic Windows, setting them to 74-year-old woman and repeatedly come to her home under the pretext of inspection of the Windows. In one of these visits on 5 may, the man asked the pensioner to borrow money. She refused, and the employee attacked the woman, tied her to the bed, tied the knot on the head and neck of a woman. He then ransacked the apartment and stole 400 roubles, has left the woman bound and left.

the Woman died associated. Her body two days later found niece, which caused the neighbors complaining about the loud sound of the TV.

the Suspect in the crime arrested.

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