The interior Ministry called the leaders of the rating among regions on number of crimes

the Leaders among Russian regions, the growth rate of the number of reported crimes in six months in January 2020 was Sevastopol, Novgorod and Smolensk regions. It is reported TASS with reference to the statistics of the interior Ministry, which examined the Agency.

In Sevastopol increase in the number of registered crimes is 26.3%, in the Novgorod and Smolensk regions was 19.8% and 17.9%, respectively.

According to the interior Ministry, the lowest growth rate recorded offences, showed North Ossetia — Alania Republic is 29.5%, Chechnya — 26.4% Tuva 16.9 per cent.

Earlier, the interior Ministry announced that the total number registered in Russia for the first half of 2020 crimes corresponds to the figure a year ago — a decline of 0.1%. The number of offences against the person decreased by 8% committed using weapons — 10.1%, robberies — by 20.2%, robberies — by 11.4%, thefts — by 2.9%.

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