The international criminal court is preparing to indict the Haftarot

the international criminal court have sufficient evidence to accuse Khalifa the Haftarot of war crimes. This was stated in the ICC, reports Anadolu.

As the chief Prosecutor of the ICC Fatou Bensouda, the court “received credible information regarding the 11 mass graves in Libya.” According to her, the information may indicate “war crimes or crimes against humanity.”

Bensouda encouraged the Libyan authorities to cooperate with the ICC and to take all necessary measures to protect and ensure the safety of the mass graves, so as not to prejudice future investigations.

Recall that on 5 June, the town Tarhuna was cleaned of militants Khalifa the Haftarot, and then in the area were discovered mass graves. The media reported nearly 200 dead, including women and children.

additionally, the Libya national army (LNA) under control of the Caliph Haftarot is fighting against an internationally recognized the NTC, under the guidance of Faiz Saraga based in Tripoli.

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