Mahalia, 21 years old, is part of the emerging artists from the English scene. This little lady is full of talent. A tour sold-out across Europe (Do Not Disturb Tower, the name of his last single) has followed the release of his first EP, Seasons in September last year.

After you have set aside two dates in Dijon and Geneva, because she had lost her voice, the doubt over the holding of its representation in paris. But Mahalia was not bankrupt. Monday night, the Trianon, Paris (Xviiith arrondissement) was complete and looking forward to the idea of hosting the singer in the origins irish, and jamaican.

the first part, Jvck James entertains the public through its “groove” worthy of the best crooners of the years 2000. “The Gni is the best style of music of all time, don’t you think?”, he asks, before interpreting Wine . On the small stage of the room in paris fleet a few clouds, as if to symbolize the angelic voice of Mahalia, and electric candles arranged around the musicians maintaining an intimate atmosphere.

Sequence emotion

Mahalia between the scene and approaching her micro-encased white flowers. She is dressed in white, a dress that does not cease down during the whole concert. “If it goes up too high just let me know, I don’t want to see my panties on your accounts Instagram” joked she. The last time it occurred in Paris, it was the November 6, 2018 to The Leather goods. “I am very moved to be here, but please if I’m talking about, shut up”, she adds, because she has not yet regained all of her vocal capacities.

“I love my afro, I love my heritage, I love my forms”


She then launches for 1: 30 concert. Mahalia interpreter Honeymoon and the ground is shaking in the pit of the Trianon. His voice is majestic, powerful and gentle. After playing I Remember like a cry of love to her fans, and she hoped that they are “proud of it”, the singer takes his acoustic guitar.

Sequence emotion. The light dims more. The young woman is getting ready to play Seventeen . “I wrote this song to my 17-year-old. This is the first time that I really started to love me and understand me, ” she says. Now, I love my afro, I love my heritage, I love my forms.” It segues into another register with Silly Girl , written when she was 14 years old for a girl on the martyrisait to the school.

“never give up”

Mahalia sings her latest single, Do not disturb (literally “do not disturb” sign) with his voice still shaky. “It is a difficult music, he’ll have to help me,” she insists. She drinks a lot of water and launches. Then she lets her audience sing the chorus, she performs the dance of the clip of the same name.

“Stop doing “awww”” she said as his audience groaned when she tells the story of Good reason , another title that she wrote when she was in “the broken heart”. It doesn’t takes pity on, on the contrary. Then it’s time to Hold on , a duet with rapper Buddy, a song much more festive, which is once again free to dance all over the room.

“I’ll tell you one last story, that of Sober .” Mahalia closing his show with one of his most well-known. “At 18, I wanted to stop everything,” she says. My mother told me to write, this is what I did.” Shortly after, she passes on the YouTube channel Colors to interpret the title Sober . “I look like a lobster”, quips her as she appears in the video wearing an entire orange. Yet, it works, and his career took off. “Never give up, today I am here with you,” she says.

Standing-ovation on the two balconies of the room in paris. Mahalia performed a last song, even an ode to love: I wish I miss my ex . She removed her jacket and walked in her white dress, singing with still more difficulty on the end. But no matter, his audience is conquered. It salutes one last time and retires. The young woman will return to Paris on the 24th of August to bewitch the festival Rock in Seine.