The investigation asks the arrest of four defendants in the case of ex-Minister Abyzov

In Basmanny court of Moscow received a petition for detention of four defendants in the case of the former Minister, Mikhail Abyzov, who is accused of stealing money and creating a criminal society. As explained RBC in court, the investigation asks the arrest of the defendants Ruslan Vlasov, Yana Balan, Rozenkova Oksana and Oleg Serebrennikov until September 14. All the suspects are accused of commercial bribery in especially large size. Add that Oleg Serebrennikov is a Director of LLC “Ru-Com”, the rest — Ruslan Vlasov, Jan Balan and Oksana Rozhenkova — the former top managers of JSC “Sibeko”. The investigation believes that in 2017 Abyzov actually owned a controlling stake in the “Sibeko” and was going to sell it. For 78 million rubles, according to the Investigative Committee, he bribed Vlasov, Balan and Rozenkova. They are a secret from the shareholders, regulatory authorities and employees, was to convey to the potential buyer important information about the company’s activities, including financial data.

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