The investigative Committee began checking due to major forest fires in Ugra

SK of Russia began procedural checks on the facts of the spread of forest fires in the Khanty-Mansiyskom Autonomous district.

we are Talking about territories of the Soviet and Konda areas of Yugra.

According to the Unified dispatcher service on Thursday, in the Soviet area the fire covered about 60 hectares of forests, including close to settlements and the Soviet Yugorsk. In Kondinskiy district, the fire raging on the area of about 1380 hectares, including the territory adjacent to the city district Uray. The SC noted that as a result of fires caused especially large damage to the forest Fund.

Investigators believe that the most likely reasons for the propagation of the combustion has become a re-ignition from smoldering after the liquidation of fires, occurred on the eve of a result of the storm.

In the RF IC are going to validate the actions of officials responsible for measures to prevent forest fires and the timeliness of their stewing.

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