The investigative Committee decided to open a case about the genocide in Stalingrad during world war II

SK of Russia vozbudin a criminal case on charges of genocide for the mass killings of civilians during the great Patriotic war on the territory of the Stalingrad region, USSR.

As explained in the Investigation Committee, investigators try to find the criminals among the German-fascist invaders and their accomplices, avoided responsibility.

Recall that on July 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin in the next address to the Russians said that, despite the years, not all Nazis were punished, and should investigate their crimes, regardless of whether they’re alive or already dead. The next day, the head of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin has promised to intensify work in this direction.

under version SK the Russian Federation on the territory of Volgograd and the region, there are at least 15 places with the graves of about 1,800 civilians of Stalingrad, executed by the Nazis during the great Patriotic war. From 17 July 1942 to 2 February 1943, during the German occupation of Soviet citizens starved, shot, poisoned in gas chambers alive covered with earth. So, in the village of Nizhne-Chirskaya, the Nazis executed 50 orphans aged 4 to 15 years. Also the invaders plundered the civilian population, and then were subjected to torture and get rid of the robbery of the people.

Investigators with the involvement of the military intend to open graves, to identify victims, causes of death and to hold portrait expertise to recreate the in vivo appearance of the victims.

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