The Investigative Committee has created an environmental

In the structure of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation created a new Department — the Department for investigation of crimes in the sphere of ecology and epidemiology.

As reported by the official representative of IC Svetlana Petrenko, a new Department will be transferred to investigators who already have extensive experience in the investigation of crimes in these areas, which belong to the jurisdiction of the UK. “Consolidation within one Department of such specialists will allow to consolidate efforts and improve the quality of the investigation of complex crimes, which had suffered significant damage to the environment or to human health”, — said Petrenko.

she Also noted that the investigation of such offences will help the newly established forensic centre of the UK. It will allow us to conduct complex types of examinations in such criminal cases.

In the message of SK it is noted that in the recent years, the polls show a serious concern of people to environmental problems, nature protection. And the practice shows that in some cases of environmental emergency are anthropogenic in nature and caused by the human factor.

the current criminal code has a separate Chapter on environmental crimes and charges of violation of sanitary-epidemiological rules. Establishing the circumstances of environmental crimes, which have caused significant harm to the environment, usually associated with the conduct of large-scale systems investigation, complex expertise and significant time expenses. That is why the decision was made to create in the UK the environmental “forces”.

Recall, the last major catastrophe happened in Norilsk on may 29, where belonging “to Norilsk Nickel” CHP-3 spill happened 21 thousand tons of diesel fuel. Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced the state of emergency of Federal scale. A criminal case under investigation, the arrested employees of the CHP.

the RPN assessmentIl damage to the environment almost 148 billion rubles (about $2.1 billion). “Nornikel” did not agree with the method of calculation and stated that it will hold an independent examination.