The investigative Committee has published a photo of the men shot himself in the head student on Nevsky

law Enforcement agencies of St. Petersburg are searching for Imametdinova Zaur Karimov, who on the eve on Nevsky prospect, shot in the head by a young man. City Department of the Investigative Committee published a photo of the alleged offender.

the Department is asking anyone who has information on the whereabouts of Karimov, to call by phones 02 or 570-66-71.

Recall, the incident occurred June 4 at the home at 137 Nevsky prospect. From St. Petersburg addressed to the company, which provides services for the provision of documents necessary for employment. The young man has not received the necessary papers and asked to return the money. The conflict occurred in the course of which the representative of the shot man in the head from the traumatic weapon.

a Young man in serious condition was hospitalized, and the attacker fled.

According to an “Operational cover”, the victim — a student of the 1st year master student St. Petersburg state University. The shooter was a security guard of the company drove away from the scene in a white Kia Optima. The publication reports that the license of the security guard expired in 2018. In addition, Karimov in 2016 prosecuted for theft.

the Investigation continues.

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