The investigators found in the sisters Khachaturian circumstances extenuating girls

Investigators completed an additional investigation into the three sisters Khachatryan, the accused in the murder of his father. It aims to prosecutors. As told to “Interfax” in the RF IC, the consequence considers that in this case there are circumstances mitigating the guilt of the girls. As said the representative of the Department, in evaluating the defendants ‘ actions it was established that the motive was personal animosity, “due to causing their father over a long period of time their daughters physical and mental suffering that are considered a consequence of extenuating circumstances.” Sisters Khachaturyan still are accused of committing crimes under paragraph “g” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code. In the RF IC stated that the investigation was conducted comprehensive psycho-psychiatric examination, to establish the mental state of the figurants. According to their conclusion, two girls at the time of the murder could realize the nature of actions committed and direct. Earlier today, media sources reported that Russia’s Investigative Committee again sent the criminal case of the sisters, Khachaturian’s dad’s murder on preliminary arrangement to the Prosecutor General. According to the source, if the Agency approves the materials, they till the end of summer will go in one of the capital ships. Recall that the tragedy occurred in 2018. According to investigators, sisters, Khachaturian wounded his father with a knife and a hammer. From the main case selected materials in relation to a younger sister. She was declared insane at the time of her alleged crime.

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