The investigators found out who was the man with silicone Breasts, headless body which was fished from the river mga

Investigators have established the identity of the man whose body a few days ago was found in the river mga. Writes 47news, drowned 23 — year-old citizen of Uzbekistan. In Russia, he arrived three years ago. Lived from time to time in Moscow or in St. Petersburg.

According to the newspaper, surrounded by the deceased was another man with an artificial breast, called himself a Cassandra. Four years ago he became the victim of an attack — at the exit from a cafe on the Duma street he sprayed in the face from a gas canister.

Recall, the drowned man without a head, arms and legs pulled from the river near the village of mga. The body belongs to the man, but in his chest he had inserted the implants.

it was Later revealed that the feet and one victim’s arm sawn off with a saw, the second hand pulled, breaking the shoulder blade and collarbone. The soft tissue was chopped with a sharp knife, and experts do not exclude that it was a surgical instrument.

a criminal case under article “murder”.

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