The investigators questioned the teen, who dropped the child from the balcony of the pieces of tile baseboard

In Balashikha two teenagers mutilated child thrown from the balcony the fragments of a tiled floor. The incident launched an investigation, reported in a press-service GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow region.

the incident occurred on 12 June of a house in Balashikha. Two 11-year-old boys fell from the balcony on the fifth floor of the house a fragment of a tile of the floor, which injured two year old girl walking on the street with his family. Children with severe injuries were hospitalized.

At the scene, investigators seized fragments of tile, floor, recording from the cameras. Also employees of the RF IC interviewed the boys and the occupants of the house.

the investigators intend to find out whether the reported to the management company complaints about delaminating of the tiled floor.

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