The IPCC and OSH spoke about monitoring the voting process

In the Public headquarters for the monitoring and surveillance of the vote on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation explained how the observance of the rules of procedure of the citizens’.

According to the official representative of staff Alexander Asafov, at the moment reviewed 426 cases, eight of them were confirmed eight violations. Thus, according to Asafova, all of them received media coverage. As noted by the representative of the headquarters, about 4.5 thousand applications from citizens and observers of the daily treated the employees of the call center.

About the emergency situation that occurred in the Lefortovo district, said the Deputy head of Mothersurname Dmitry Reut. According to him, the voter who came to the site, saw next to his name in the list a note that he voted at home. “He is quite rightly indignant, said this to the officer of the Commission,” said Reut.

As suggested by the Deputy head of the city electoral Committee, the reason for the errors of inattention. Member of the Commission, made a note on homeworkers in the wrong place. In this case, said Reut, we are talking about the mark — there is no signature of the voter on the form was not.

According to him, before the voter apologized, turned it to the supplementary list, after which the man was able to vote.

As explained Reut, to the analysis of the situation the Chairman of the PEC has attracted law enforcement officers, in addition, incorrect ballots will be considered invalid (they are in separate “safe-package”). “These violations of the voting procedure, the procedure will not affect the outcome of the will of the parties”, — said Dmitry Reut.

Recall, 30 June ended pre-electronic and early voting on amendments to the Constitution. The first of July is the main day of voting, in which citizens can Express their attitude to the amendments, voting on election the plots from 8:00 to 20:00.

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