The Italian Senate approved the extension of state of emergency till October

the Senate of the Italian Parliament on Tuesday voted to extend until 15 October of the emergency in the country in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

the Extension was supported by 157 senators voted against 125, three abstentions. The proposal to extend the measures against the coronavirus and the country’s recovery after the pandemic has contributed to the vote, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

According to him, such measures are necessary because, according to experts, “the virus continues to circulate”. The Prime Minister also stressed that if the state of emergency will be lifted, will lapse many government decisions that contribute to the pandemic. Conte added that the emergency mode allows you to respond quickly to emergencies.

on Wednesday, the same issue will be submitted for consideration in the chamber of deputies, where it is also expected Conte. Originally intended to extend the regime until 31 October, but in the course of negotiations of the government with representatives of parties in the ruling coalition, the date was changed.