“We’re baaaccckkkk…” (“We are back”). The Jonas Brothers pop group, hit formed by three brothers, announced Thursday evening on the social networks that they reformaient, a little more than five years after their separation. In a video tour with host James Corden, Nick, Joe and Kevin are all in a car, and to announce their grand return. What has not failed to delight their fans who have been able to discover their new song Sucker , with a clip, putting them on stage with their companions. This is the first single from First Time in 2013.

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Kevin (31 years old today), Joe (29 years old) and Nick Jonas (26ans ) made themselves known by playing in several series and tv movies produced by Disney, until they have their own series, Jonah, , which lasted only two seasons. Their appearances in these programmes enabled them to enjoy considerable popularity with young audiences.

Followers of pop music is very classic, with a lot of guitars, they have released four studio albums between 2006 and 2009, the last two reaching the top sales in the United States. Musicians, they have composed a good part of their titles, including the successful Burnin’ Up and S. O. S .

In 2013, the Jonas Brothers split to ‘ deep divisions within the group,” according to their spokesman, Jesse Derris, to the point of leaving unfinished their fifth album, which was never published, and to cancel their tour. They have unanimously decided to “close this episode of their professional life”.

Nick, the youngest of the siblings has since released two solo albums and had several hits, including Jealous or Close , in a musical style much more modern and sometimes dancing. He has recently made about him in the topic people on the occasion of his marriage, in December, with the indian actress Priyanka Chopra (Bollywood as well as the american tv series Quantico ), ten years his senior. Coming from a family of practicing christian of New Jersey, the Jonas brothers have grown, at the beginning of their career, the image of young believers, which included a purity ring to promote virginity before marriage.